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Do you remember when it was cold?

It has been over 100 degrees for several days now so I thought a little bit of last winter might be fun…

Pics of a little ice storm we had.

It was really pretty and didn’t last long, some of that cool would sure feel good right now!

I yam lookin around the garden gate an settin in the snow…cold…burr.

So I yam thinkin we need a little cold to balance the hots we have here this week!  Mind power!!

Speakin of balance, my Mom doesnt haves any!  She has to wear an eyepatch for a while, has surgery on Monday and will have to wear it for awhile after…says her balance is off, and keeps banging into things.  Daddy has to drive her fors awhile until she gets all betters. The good part is she can’t sees me too well and I can do whatever I want! Yeah.  I yam climbing up the big shelf. to the top!!

Happy Dad’s Day, wanna play?

PlumaBlanca, “Hey, Mom, I need some green papers.”

Mom, “Why Pluma?”

Pluma, “I need a ride to the store too. I have to buy some shoelaces for my Dad”

“But Dad’s shoes and boots don’t need shoelaces”

“Not for his boots, for him to play with me.  You know how I meet him at the door every morning when he gets home from work, a shoelace in my mouth for him to throw, well yesterday my bestest shoelace broke, and won’t fly right. I don’t want him to be sad about it so I want to buy him a present for Dad’s Day.”

“Oh Pluma, you are so kind, not wanting Dad to be sad but wouldn’t you like to buy him something for himself, a shirt or a new recliner or a movie to watch?”

“Mom, how can we play with a shirt, he already has a chair that I like to nap in and I don’t watch movies.  What would be the fun in those presents?”

“O.K. Pluma, let’s go get some shoe laces.”

I wonder if my Dad would like some flowers for his special day?
I’m sure mom wouldn’t care if I picked some.

“Hey Mom, can we stay home from the working tomorrow and  spend the whole Sunday playing with Dad?”

“Yes Pluma, we will spend Dad’s day at home with him.”

“Oh good, we can play shoelace, feather, chase, ball, take a nap, more shoelace, feather again…it’s gonna be a great day!”


Laser Eyes.

Lookin at you with my laser eyes on full blast

And can you sees the reflective tape on my harness?  Mommy does not want to lose me!

My friend Miss Ann will be in the shop tomorrow with her laser eyes on her Tarot cards, she sees everything! But sometimes I help her.  I can pull a card and it is always the right one!

Today, June 13th 2012, update…

Hi Folks, hope everyone is well today, Pluma is in the shop today ready to greet you but will be staying home tomorrow because his pawrents have a late afternoon appointment.  Here are this weeks updates:

Today June 13 2012 at 1PM Rev Sharon Gaskill will be in the shop with a roundtable “Messages from Angels” Still room for you.

Tomorrow June 14th Funky Karma will close early (at 3.30 pm) just for this day,but we will be here before that time and resume regular hours the next day.

Miss Ann will be in the shop on Saturday from 11-5PM with her great Tarot Readings. Appointments or walk-ins welcome.

Next Thursday Tarot readings with Miss Tana, 1-4PM

New Russian Sage Smudge sticks in the Shop today, grown in our own garden, Blessed and ready for use,

Tarot and Angel Readings at the Funky Karma Shop

Saturday June 9th 11-5PM Miss Ann Tarot Readings $20.00

Sunday June 10 1-3PM Miss Tana Tarot Readings

Wed June 13 1PM  Angel Message Group Circle with Rev. Sharon Gaskill $10.00

Thurs Afternoon Tarot Readings with Miss Tana.  June 21 &28 1-4PM

Goin fishin.

“Here fishie, fishie”

The other day I was talkin to a friend of mine about my fishing pole.  It is only for inside play, has a mousie tied on to the string and I yam very good at catching it.  When I do I run to Dad and drop it at his feet so he will flick the pole again.  I never tire of this game but have another fishin spot that is outside with goldfish.  I haven’t caught one yet but keep tryin, it is just a matter of time fishie, you are mine!

Dad keeps goldfishies in here to eat the misquitos. I will catch one fishie someday.

This is the rain water my Dad catches, I like to take a drink but I really want a fishie!

Hey fishie, swim to this side so I can catch you!

One time I overbalanced myself and fell into the water, I wasn’t scared, Dad got me out fast but I still didn’t have a fishie in my paws. Yet.

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